1U619-002 COMM/NAV/DME/ATC Radio Control Panel 1U619-002/-003 COMM/NAV/DME/ATC Radio Control Panel

The 1U619-002 Radio Control Panel is designed to provide remote tuning of two VHF COMM transceivers, two VHF NAV / DME receivers and one of two Air Traffic Control transponders.

The Control Panel is capable of tuning within a VHF COMM frequency range of 118.00(0) to 135.97(5) MHz in 25 KHz increments. By shorting pins J6-A to J6-B and J6-D to J6-E, the frequency range can be extended to 136.975 MHz. An optional extended tuning range from 136.00(0) to 151.97(5) MHz in 25 KHz increments is available as part number lU619-003. The VHF NAV frequency range is 108.00 to 117.95 MHz in 50 KHz increments.

The capability of pre-selecting frequencies for both the NAV and COMM provide a single level of memory. Up to ten (10) additional memory channels can be stored and retrieved with the "MEM" buttons. Audio volume controls with an integrated power Off switch are available for both COMM and NAV radios. Other ancillary functions incorporated on the Control Panel are: Squelch On/Off, COMM Test, Marker Sensitivity Hi/Lo, NAV Test, Transponder Ident, Test, Normal/Standby/Lo, Altitude Reporting On/Off and Transponder 1 or 2 select.

A more detailed description of the 1U619-002/-003 Radio Control Panel can be found in the Operator's Manual.
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A High Performance, Cost Effective Electronic Upgrade

  • All electronic replacement for Cessna Citation 1U434-001 five-in-one mechanical controllers.
  • Improves pre-selection of VHF COMM frequencies.
  • Ten memories (VHF COMM and NAV / DME modules) store additional frequencies and waypoints.
  • Optical frequency selector provides long term reliability and excellent tactile feel.
  • Continuous, linear display and indicator dimming replaces old, two-step dimming scheme.
  • Fully TSO'd for installations in Cessna Citation aircraft.
  • Built-in self-testing.