1U378 Multifunction Engine Gauge

1U378-series Multifunction Engine Gauge

This 3” instrument combines the three essential engine parameters in a compact package. Rugged D’Arsonval meter movements with two jewels are used to indicate cylinder head and oil temperatures. A brass bourdon tube mechanism precisely indicates oil pressure. A selection of fittings is available to simplify installation.

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Oil Port Fittings
Part Number Configuration & Thread Size
AN910-1D Internal 1/8 ANPT per MIL-P-7105
70B092-001 7/16-20 UNF-3A per MS33656, size 4
70B092-002 3/8-24 UNF-3A per MS33656, size 3
70B092-003 5/16-24 UNF-3A per MS33656, size 2