What is STEDSS?
Sigma Tek Electronic Data Subscription Service or STEDSS provides access to over 2000 Sigma Tek documents. Members of the Subscription Service have unlimited access to maintenance manual updates and drawing packages for many Sigma Tek products. The drawing packages include documents such as: Control Specifications, Parts Lists, Mechanical Assembly Illustrations and Schematic Diagrams. Various Indexes are provided to assist in searching for the desired information. All the documents available through STEDSS database are in Portable Document Format (PDF)."

The intent of the STEDSS program is to provide owners of Sigma Tek Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM) a method of keeping the CMM up to date. Along with the availability of Manual Revisions, STEDSS members also have access to 'Drawing Packages' that contain a wealth of additional information not covered by the CMMs. Some Sigma Tek products do not have a corresponding CMM but Drawing Packages have been established for many of these products and are available to STEDSS members.

Why are drawing revisions not shown on the Drawing Package Index sheets?
We do not show the revision of each drawing listed in a Drawing Package Index. This is quite difficult to keep up-to-date when one drawing may be listed in multiple drawing packages and there are over a 1000 drawings in our Subscription Service system. A "STEDSS Drawing Index & Cross Reference" is available on the Support / Technical Information section of the Sigma Tek Web site.  This Cross Reference lists every drawing available to STEDSS members along with the drawing revision and the applicable Drawing Package(s) and Manuals each may be associated with. This Drawing Index & Cross Reference is updated periodically.

Can all the drawings within a Drawing Package be printed with one Print command?
Each drawing "linked" to in a Drawing Package is intellectual property of Sigma Tek, Inc. and as such, access to these drawings on our Web site has been limited to only members of the STEDSS program. The methods we use to restrict access to these drawings unfortunately limits how these drawings can be accessed. Each drawing must be individually 'downloaded' to the users computer for viewing, printing and/or saving. There is no method available to stream multiple drawings to the users computer in one batch process.

Suggested method for efficient use of the STEDSS program
The concept of the STEDSS program is to provide service shops with the most current information available for the Sigma Tek product being worked on. Once the drawings listed in the Drawing Package are printed, Sigma Tek has no revision control of that copy. We can only control the revision of the drawings on the Web site.  It is suggested that drawings only be printed when needed.

Each Drawing Package index or list is formatted in a way that facilitates the selection of only those drawings in the package that pertain to a particular Model or dash number. For example, Drawing Package #64 contains links to a total 73 drawings, many of them multiple pages. This drawing package is applicable to 55 unique Model numbers. The total number of drawings required to work on any one of the 55 Model numbers is about 8 drawings. Download and print only those drawings from the web site at the time they are needed rather than printing and fileing all 73 drawings.