1u663-100 Data Monitoring Unit

1S663-001 (9988100-16) Data Monitoring System

The Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) was developed specifically for the Citation X to serve as an airborne and ground-based electrical system diagnostics tool. When installed, the Data Monitor Unit (DMU) monitors the DC, AC, and ARINC 429 input and output signals of any two Logic Modules located in the J-Boxes in the aft compartment and in the cabin. Its airborne capabilities allow it to diagnose the most difficult intermittent problems that occur only during flight. The DMU captures data while unattended and stores it internally or on a USB flash drive for later retrieval. Sophisticated triggering settings allow it to capture data beginning with a predetermined event, and then stores the data in a memory buffer for previewing of pre- or post- occurring events at a later time.

  • Features
  • DMU
  • Attachments
  • Software
Hardware & Software Independence
  • Interfaces with any PC-compatible computer with an Ethernet network connection and running any version of Windows 98 SE, XP or Vista.
  • Industry standard PC-104 architecture is reliable and widely supported.
Updated Logic Module Definitions
  • Updated Logic Module definitions and accompanying pin descriptions compliant with the latest Service Bulletins.
  • Regular IDS software updates will keep definitions and descriptions up to date.
Backwards Compatibility
  • Utilizes all existing cable harnesses, J-box covers, and extender cards.
  • Opens and displays all legacy data file formats.
Ethernet Networking Connectivity
  • Simpler cabling between IDS components.
  • Data transfer rates above 1 Mbits / sec.
  • May be connected to a LAN or WAN.
Enhanced Performance & Throughput
  • Typical signal sampling rates of 100 KHz.
  • Fast internal data storage to RAM and flash memory.
  • Typical data transfer rates of 1 Mbits / sec.
  • Pentium IV processor with 600 MHz clock speed.
Higher Resolution & Accuracy
  • Increased resolution with 16-bit digitization.
  • High accuracy bandgap reference with maximum 20 ppm temperature drift.
Unattended Operation
  • Captures data while unsupervised.
  • Easy setup through notebook computer.
  • Records captured data internally, or to a USB flash drive, or both.
Standalone Operation
  • VGA output for monitors or KVM devices.
  • External, USB-compatible mass storage interface.
  • PS2-compatible keyboard.
  • USB-compatible mouse interface.
  • Ethernet port using RJ-45 connector.
Better Battery Utilization
  • Improved battery charge indication using three distinct curves: charge, discharge, and open circuit.
  • Continuous display of battery level.
  • Quick charge of 45 minutes with external 110 / 220 VAC battery charger with international adapter kit.
Comprehensive Pre-Installation Testing
  • Cable and extender card testing from either connector A or B.
  • Finds shorted as well as open pins.
  • Increased safety and faster, surer setups.
Improved Ground Support Functionality
  • Compatible with existing ground support kit.
  • New cable assembly allows for simpler ground support connections.
Extensive Software Update
  • Graphical display tools to view time-based signal curves.
  • Improved triggering and filtering on several conditions: time, signal amplitudes, Arinc 429 labels.
  • Real-time recording and playback.
  • Record after triggering.
  • Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward, and Reverse Play.
  • Smart Pause: pauses when preset conditions are met.
  • Opens and displays all versions of data files.
  • Exports data as coma delimited files.
1U663-100 (9988100-17) Data Monitor Unit (DMU)
1U663-100 top view 1U663-100 enclosure
Height: 10 ± 0.03 in.
Width: 16 ± 0.03 in.
Depth: 10 ± 0.03 in.
Weight: 22 lbs.
Operating Characteristics
Temperature: -40°C to 70°C
Supply Voltage: 22 to 32 VDC
Supply Current: 1 A (typ)
Battery Voltage: 12 VDC
Charger: 3A (max)
System Requirements
Client: PC-compatible
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP & Vista
Networking: RJ-45, 10/100 Ethernet
Extender Card Inputs (nominal)
Input Impedance: > 2 M ohms
Standard DC: 0 to 32 VDC
Resolver: 2 Vrms excitation @ 2 KHz
RVT: 2 Vrms excitation @ 2 KHz
LVDT: 3 Vrms excitation @ 2 KHz
PWM: 0-100%, 10 Vp, 488 Hz
Serial: ARINC 429 (low-speed)
Fuel Quantity Inputs
Left Fuel Tank: ARINC 429 (high-speed)
Right Fuel Tank: ARINC 429 (high-speed)
Center Fuel Tank: ARINC 429 (high-speed)
Data Acquisition
Channels: 2 x 60
Resolution: 16-bits
Accuracy: < ± 2 LSB
Conversion Rate: 100 KHz
Monitor: VGA
Keyboard: PS-2
Mouse: USB 1.1
Network: 10/100 Ethernet
USB: 1.1
Main Board: Athena II PC-104
Processor: VIA CoreFusion
RAM: 256 MB
Flash: 2 GB

Cable Assemblies

Bulkhead Cable
Bulkhead Cable (9988100-3)
Aft Power Ground Support Cable
Aft Power Ground Support Cable (9988100-22)
Extender Card Cable
Extender Card Cable (9988100-5)
Fuel Quantity Cable
Fuel Quantity Cable (9988100-6)
Battery Charge Cable
Battery Charge Cable (9988100-14)
Ethernet RJ-45 Cable
Ethernet RJ-45 Cable (9988100-21)

Logic Module J-Box Covers

Aft Baggage Cover
Aft Baggage Cover (9988100-8)
Forward Cabin Cover
Forward Cabin Cover (9988100-9)


Extender Card
Extender Card (9988100-7)
Ethernet RJ-45 Adapter
Ethernet RJ-45 Adapter (9988100-20)
Battery Charger
Battery Charger (9988100-19)

Generic Signal Windows

Generic DC Volts Window
Generic DC Volts Window
  • Used by most Logic Modules
  • Actual DC voltage of each pin
  • Frame by frame update
Generic PWM Window
Generic PWM Window
  • Used by the Secondary Electrical Pitch Trim Logic Module
  • Display amplitude, frequency, and duty cycle of signal
Generic Resolver Window
Generic Resolver Window
  • Used by Slats / Speed Brakes Logic Module
  • Displays Angular Resolver transducer information
  • Shows excitation voltage and angle of rotation
  • Displays 'relative' DC voltages that are proportional to sin & cosine signal amplitudes
Generic RVT Window
Generic RVT Window
  • Used by Secondary Pitch Trim Logic Module
  • Displays excitation and RVT angular displacement
  • Shows 'relative' DC voltage that is proportional to RVT output signal
Generic LVDT Window
Generic LVDT Window
  • Used by Elevator Feel Control and Rudder Limiting Logic Module
  • Displays excitation voltage and LVDT displacement
  • Shows 'relative' DC voltages proportional to LVDT output signal
Generic ARINC 429 Window
Generic ARINC 429 Window
  • Displays two channels of ARINC 429 data simultaneously
  • Shows running total of captured data words
  • Accumulates list of received labels
  • Formats data words into 'Label', 'SSM', 'Data', 'SDI' and 'Parity' bits

Triggering & Filtering Windows

Acquisition Preferences Window
Acquisition Preferences Window
  • Set desired number of milliseconds between samples directly
  • Use spin button to increase or decrease the rate
  • Selectable input signal processing (None, Average, or Peak)
  • Selectable frame count for processing
Triggering Preferences Window
Triggering Preferences Window
  • Directly select number of frames to capture or use spin buttons
  • Selectable Capture Alignment (Pre, Centered, or Post)
  • Buffer fills by 90% before or after 'Pre' or 'Post' trigger; 50% on 'Center'
ARINC 429 Triggering Setup Window
ARINC 429 Triggering Setup Window
  • Triggers on directly entered label or select from drop down list
  • Set data bit pattern in binary or Engi-neering units
  • Set SSM and SDI patterns
Advanced Triggering Setup Window
Advanced Triggering Setup Window
  • Capture on single or multiple pins
  • Create complex logic equations using boolean and relational operators
  • Logic equation editor

Logic Module Windows

Input/Output Information Window
Input / Output Information Window
  • Simultaneously displays input and output signals in tabular format
  • Concise pin descriptions and signal status
  • Easy access to expanded pin information
Line Graph Window
Line Graph Window
  • Displays voltage vs. time
  • Multiple windows may be opened to view multiple pins
  • Variable horizontal (time) scale from 2 to 32,000 samples
Secondary Trim Window
Secondary Trim Stabilizer Window
  • Simultaneously displays input and output signals in tabular format
  • Anguilar position of Trim Stabilizer shown graphically and numerically
  • Trim Travel Time stop watch function determines time from 'Nose Up' to 'Nose Down' condition
Slats/Speed Brakes Window
Slats / Speed Brakes Window
  • Graphical representation of Speed Brake panels
  • Color changes indicate different deployment conditions (black=stowed; yellow=assymetry; white=deployed)
  • Disagreement between DMU and Logic Module shown in red
Left & Right Tanks Window
Left & Right Tanks Window
  • Graphical display of right and left tank fuel levels
  • Numerical display for precise readings
Center Tank Window
Center Tank Window
  • Graphical display of center tank fuel level
  • Numerical display for precise readings
Hydraulic PCU Monitor Window
Hydraulic PCU Monitor Window
  • Shows condition of Hydraulic PCU Monitor System
  • Cylinder pressures indicated numerically
  • Bar graph indicates system condition (green=acceptable; blue=maintenance; yellow= flight control fault; white=monitor fault
Fire Tray Window
Fire Tray Window
  • Simultaneously displays input and output signals in tabular format
  • Graphical 'Bottle Armed' indicator

Playback Windows

Playback File Information Window
Playback File Information Window
  • Display information associated with recorded test
  • Add & edit descriptive notes
  • Shows Logic Module type and type of data recorded
Playback Control Panel Window
Playback Control Panel Window
  • Shows recording mode
  • Adjustable playback speed
  • Adjustable fast forward scan interval