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1S663-001 Data Monitoring System 1S663-001 (9988100-16) Data Monitoring System

The 1S663-001 Data Monitoring System was specifically developed for the Cessna Citation X and serves as the primary diagnostic tool for the aircraft?? electronic Logic Modules. The system is FAA certified for airborne operation. Aft compartment and cabin modules can be tested two at a time while remaining in place. The system is also capable of monitoring the fuel quantity system during flight.


1U643-001 Breakout Box and Calibration Standard 1U643-001 Breakout Box and Data Logger

The 1U634 Breakout Box and Data Logger was developed for the Cessna Excel to serve as the main diagnostics tool for the aircraft?? electronic modules. It allows access to the module pins, and its internal microcomputer digitizes the signals and transmits them to a PC-compatible computer. Advanced software in the computer displays pin voltages either in numerical or graphical form. Data files can be recorded on disk, and played back at a later time for detailed analysis.


1U647-001 AC Calibration Standard 1U647-001 AC Calibration Standard

This is a low cost calibration standard used to determine if a 1U632-100 or a 1U663-100 DMU needs factory calibration. It replaces an active extender card by connecting directly to the DMU. The unit is designed to simplify field-testing and comes in a rugged aluminum case.