Sigma Tek Electronic Data Subscription Service (STEDSS)

To join the STEDSS program, call 1-800-876-5272 or e-mail

The Subscription Area of provides access to over 2000 Sigma Tek documents for a fee. Members of the Subscription Service have unlimited access to maintenance manual updates and drawing packages for many Sigma Tek products. The drawing packages include documents such as: Control Specifications, Parts Lists, Mechanical Assembly Illustrations and Schematic Diagrams. Various Indexes are provided to assist in searching for the desired information. All the documents available through STEDSS database are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Refer to Terms of Use for restrictions on these documents.

After establishing a member account, you will be assigned a user id and provided a unique password. Your user id and password will allow you to log in to STEDSS. Please refer to the STEDSS FAQ for more information.

Every effort has been made to insure that each document available in the Sigma Tek Electronic Data Subscription Service (STEDSS) is the current revision and has been properly converted from its original format. It is possible that some documents may contain errors such as; improperly rotated pages, pages in the wrong order, extra items drawn outside the document’s border, document number unrelated to file name. If a document error is discovered, notify the manager of STEDSS at Please give the Document number and a brief description of the error in your email.